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Best Email Marketing Software for E-Commerce

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Businesses were not the sophisticated entities that they are today in ancient times. A merchant would carry things on his back (or, if he was lucky, on the back of a freighting horse) to the marketplace, ask a particular amount of money for his products, and if the buyer paid what he had asked, the deal was completed and the business was closed.

There was no scientific temper applied to businesses, demand was not contrasted against supplies, there was no way to contact an old customer unless he happened to run into the same merchant in the marketplace, and there was no mechanism to foresee and predict future market scenarios, nor was there any need to keep sending continuous correspondence to prospective customers. Everything was up to chance.

Businesses are now viewed through a different lens. Every stage of the business, from ideation to launch, from market research to delivery and follow-ups, is now visible via the scientific spectrum.

One thing to keep in mind in today’s business paradigm is that companies must communicate with their prospects or existing consumers on a regular basis. Sometimes businesses want to conduct privileged discount programs for loyal customers, sometimes they want to solicit feedback on their entire experience, sometimes they need to gauge their customers’ moods, and sometimes they want to ask their consumers how to improve their goods.

Whatever the case may be, businesses must build an effective means of communication with their customers on a massive scale. A communication channel that is effective and timely, has the capability of crafting personalized messages, and does not distract customers (break their rhythm) to the point where they have to abandon everything they were doing in order to receive the message (as in the case of a phone call) would benefit businesses throughout the life-cycle of their products and the trajectory of the business itself. What better way to make all of these dreams come true than through email marketing?

Email marketing is assuming unparalleled importance as business paradigms shift. The increasing saturation level across industries, along with the quick rate of innovation, is posing grave questions to businesses all over the world. To thrive in these turbulent times, businesses must provide a personalized purchase experience to their customers based on their preferences. This is when email marketing comes in handy.

E-mail marketing is the process of boosting traffic to one’s online business through perfectly crafted emails delivered to clients. The essence of email marketing is to send targeted communications that strike a chord with the prospect and persuade him or her to take the desired action (purchase decision, mostly).

However, sending personalized messages to thousands of people on our email list is far from simple. Businesses are all about lowering operating costs and getting things done as efficiently as possible. A human can never keep up with an ever-growing email list. As it turns out, automation appears to be the most feasible method of accomplishing this accomplishment.

There are thousands of Email Marketing Software available on the market for this purpose, but only a few of them are worth the price tag.

Let’s talk about what a great email marketing tool for eCommerce would look like.

Premade email templates – In addition to a drag and drop capability, excellent email automation software should include readymade email templates for specific scenarios. Businesses can save a lot of time and work by not having to create the message from start.

Smart Automation- an effective email marketing tool can be programmed to send emails when a consumer does a specific action, such as completing a purchase, canceling an order, or leaving the cart unattended for more than x hours, and so on.

Segmentation- The email marketing tool should segment the audience based on how they interact with the

, allowing businesses to create distinct tactics for each audience type and send emails accordingly.

Analytics is the process of gathering information in order to assess how well an email campaign succeeds.

Integrations- the email program should integrate seamlessly (to the greatest extent possible) with Shopify or Woo commerce stores, eliminating the need to manually sync the APIs.

1. OmniSend

Source: omnisend.com

To put it simply, OmniSend does what its name promises. It excels in facilitating communication with customers across all available digital contact points, including SMS and push notifications.

It has everything needed to give the company a leg up on the competitors.

It has a simple drag-and-drop content editor (no coding is required!) that can be used to create persuasive emails. It also makes it simple to incorporate content blocks like coupon codes and scratch-offs that further tempt readers to hit the call-to-action.

Smart marketing automation allows organizations to create sales without lifting a finger by providing a consistent, individualized experience for customers across all touch-points. It has a built-in automation capability that allows you to manage and send out email campaigns regardless of where you happen to be.

In addition, it includes sharp pre-built workflows that respond differently to clients based on the type of purchase they’re making. Customers who are making their first purchase see one message, those who have abandoned their carts see another, and those who have already placed an order see still another that updates them on the status of their shipment and so on.


  • Increases the size of the email list through persuading new visitors to sign up for the newsletter by the use of sign-up forms and pop-ups.
  • Customers who have previously interacted with the company’s Facebook or Google ads will be the focus of this strategy.
  • Provides seamless interfaces with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Prestya Shop, among others.
  • Tracks customer engagement level and customer life cycle management; sends well-crafted, personalized communications to different sub-sets.

2. Klaviyo

Source: klaviyo.com

Another cutting-edge email marketing service that works flawlessly with the most popular shopping carts on the market today, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Klaviyo gathers information from numerous sources, allowing for the development of segments and the subsequent delivery of dynamic data-block-based, individually-tailored campaigns.

Effective mobile-friendly layouts are included. Content editing is a breeze because to the drag-and-drop functionality and dynamic data blocks.


  • It creates customer segmentations based on various data sets, such as past behavior and browsing patterns, and targets them with highly customized emails in order to elicit action
  • It prompts one to add product suggestions into the email body based on past purchases and the browsing patterns
  • It allows businesses to see the exact return on investment for each email campaign.

3. Drip

Source: drip.com

Drip is an all-in-one solution for email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) for online stores. Drip has you covered if you don’t plan on beating around the bush and instead want to narrow your focus to a specific group.

Drip is compatible with all of the most popular shopping cart solutions, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento. It also in sync with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, allowing the businesses to segment clients on the basis of their behaviour and retarget those who have clicked through the ad with highly personalized content.


  • When your e-commerce marketing platforms are completely integrated with Drip, you get a complete picture of the customer’s journey across all touch-points.
  • It provides the best engagement numbers for all channels, including website stats, and recommends ways to increase the effectiveness of different channels.
  • You can establish automatic workflows which are launched on certain user behaviors (as marked by the business/admin)

4. Active Campaign

Source: activecampaign.com

In order to send emails to customers based on their actions, Active Campaign is the best email automation with built-in marketing funnels.

Active Campaign’s drag and drop functions are cutting edge and perfectly executed. Its marketing automation builder is unparalleled, and its integrated sales CRM is the frosting on the cake.

The emails that it formulates hit the perfect chord with readers. To do this, it analyzes user behavior data from several sources and creates an index for each receiver based on their interaction habits, frequency, and other parameters.

5. Ai Trillion

Source: aitrillion.com

AiTrillion is a formidable email marketing platform in the e-commerce arena. Use AiTrillion’s integrated email marketing platform to send targeted email campaigns and boost engagement.

Simply by dragging and dropping elements, you can set up automated email marketing processes to keep in touch with clients at every stage of their digital experience. Choose among fifty or more pre-made email templates to begin enlightening and educating clients the moment they land on your store’s page.

Special Features-

  • Automation of Workflows, Ready to Use
  • Engages customers after a purchase through a series of automated emails
  • Uses customers’ actions to divide your email list into more manageable chunks.
  • Uses dynamic data, product recommendations, and other forms of hyper-specific targeting to provide highly focused marketing messages.
  • Send push notifications to consumers who haven’t opened your emails in a while

6. MailerLite

Source: mailerlite.com

MailerLite provides eCommerce businesses of all sizes with a low-cost email marketing solution. Automated landing pages, pop-ups, and other advanced capabilities make it possible to develop sophisticated email marketing campaigns.

MailerLite’s enhanced flexibility in newsletter customization is a nice bonus. It has a plethora of editors to choose from, including a drag-and-drop interface, a rich text email editor, and, for the dedicated developer, a custom HTML editor.

Everything about your email can be customized to your liking. You can personalize the message by include the recipient’s name, dynamic content blocks, and even your own name.

To further enhance your email marketing efforts, you may do A/B tests, have emails sent out at specific times based on the recipient’s time zone, have emails that have been left unread automatically resent, and use RSS to alert subscribers to fresh information.

Fascinating Features –

  • Using your customers’ actions, you can form niche markets to better serve them.
  • It makes it easier to create specific groups to whom you can then send time-sensitive, highly relevant emails.
  • By using click mapping, you may learn more about how subscribers engage with your mailings.
  • It has built-in compatibility with the e-commerce platforms Shopify and WooCommerce, as well as BigCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop.

7. Get Response

In addition to being an email marketing platform, GetResponse also has other useful features. It’s essentially an integrated suite of marketing automation tools for generating and nurturing prospects.

Landing page design has never been easier than using GetResponse’s drag-and-drop landing page builder. You may retarget your customers with display ads and it works smoothly with advertising networks like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Fascinating Features –

  • eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc., make it simple to connect your online stores.
  • GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that allows you to contact customers immediately after they make a purchase, or at other crucial moments such as when they are most likely to convert on upsells or product recommendations.
  • Your contacts’ opens, clicks, social shares, and unsubscribes may all be monitored in real time with this feature’s sophisticated analytics dashboard.

8. SendinBlue

Source: sendinblue.com

SendInBlue is a great alternative to other email marketing tools because it does not charge dependent on the quantity of contacts. To that reason, SendInBlue is a great option if you’re searching for a platform that doesn’t charge you more each month based on how large your subscriber base has become.

If you’re just starting out in email marketing, SendInBlue’s drag-and-drop email editor is exactly what you need.

Using SendInBlue’s marketing automation features, you can easily send transactional emails, set up workflows for sending automatic follow-up emails, and divide your user base into several groups. Using its AI algorithms, it can choose when is the optimal time to send out a large number of emails at once, optimizing their chances of actually being received.

It also lets you notify consumers by SMS when their orders have shipped, when special discounts will be applied, when their orders will be delivered, etc. Visitors can ask you questions about specific products in real time by enabling a chat feature on your website.

Fascinating Features-

  • You may keep track of all you know about a contact in one convenient place by uploading any relevant files to their profile in your customer relationship management system.
  • SendInBlue allows you to create complex automated processes that take into account user activity across your website, emails, and social media to create a machine that converts visitors into buyers.
  • It enables you to increase sales by displaying advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to people who have previously visited your website or subscribed to your email list.

With the right email marketing software, you can personalize and automate the entire customer journey, making email marketing a crucial part of any successful eCommerce marketing strategy.

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