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Top 6 AI Content Generators for Social Media in 2022

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Social media has turned into a quintessential medium for businesses to engage with their prospective customers via create content options.

Also, social media marketing efforts comes in handy in branding enhancement endeavors for the existing customer base.

A progression of good social media posts and engaging content can increase the perceived value of a brand.

The rise of A.I social media content generators

The meteoric rise of A.I. Based social media content generators tells us a lot about how important it is to create social media posts such as blog post and daily engaging content for businesses to ace their social media in today’s factual matrix and cater a larger target audience.

Social media could be used at various stages of the buyer’s journey. One can create content to educate customers about the problem.

One can create content to make them acknowledge the need for an offering.

One can also create content to state the virtues of one’s offering, and to convert the prospects to mine the leads again.

In all, the power of creating content on social media, when harnessed effectively, could do unforeseen wonders to a business’ marketing strategies.

Responsibilities of social media content creation

A lot of thinking goes into social media content generation and social media post captions to discover new possibilities.

You cannot do random content creation and post anything and everything and expect your post to do wonders for your bottom line and brand-building endeavors. You have to create engaging content.

The margin for error is low. Therefore, developers are using futuristic technology to build social media content generator.

This not only does content creation when prompted but also give the content a human touch so that it(such as social media posts) connects with audiences at a deeper level, thus, fortifying brand presence. 

Hence, social media content generator is also kind of acting as a free content idea generator.

Creating content in Social Media is useful in Brand Reinforcement

Remember, the times when a popular soft drink brand (Pepsi if you like) first entered your country? It went berserk.

It advertised quite heavily and through all possible mediums (it was before the onset of the internet) like TV commercials, newspaper ads, banners, hoardings, sponsored glow sign boards for local stores, and whatnot.

From an economical standpoint, the strategy would seem questionable and not feasible enough, to say the least.

Just when you have entered a new market, you are squeamish about the sales channel or cash flows, blowing expenditures out of proportion could seem anything but wise.

Example of Pepsi in terms of brand reinforcement

However, brands like PEPSI navigated through various markets of the world through deficit budgeting.

They wanted to remind customers of their presence everywhere, they wanted them to be assured that they have made the right choice (leveraging brand endorsements).

Also, they wanted to be present in the sub-conscious mind of the customers which would influence their buying decision the next time they wanted a similar product.

This is called brand reinforcement. Essentially, social media looks to achieve the same. 

Brands tend to achieve several goals through social media marketing strategy involving social media posts, social media ads etc.

What could social media content generators do?

Businesses need to be on top of their social media game to harness its true potential.

However, most medium-sized businesses (or for that matter small sized businesses) cannot afford dedicated social media personnel at early stages and quite rightly so.

The businesses need to operate on very tight margins initially and they have limited resources which they deploy towards enhancing their core functions.

Social media content generators help to dodge pitfalls in such tricky situations and steer clear of business of all possible potholes.

They provide the capability for users to pre-schedule the sending of automated updates to their followers, enabling the dissemination of pertinent information at predetermined intervals.

This will free up more time for you to focus on other responsibilities and reduce the amount of manual updates you do.

 They save time for businesses by automating operations that are performed repeatedly, such as the production of captions, visual design, the selection of hashtags, the scheduling of posts for the optimum reach, etc.

 However, it is essential to keep in mind that these tools are far from ideal at the moment. As a consequence of this, the postings that they publish could include errors.

It’s possible that you’ll need to manually alter an automatic update before you publish it.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the majority of these services provide a wealth of useful features, there is no assurance that they will perform faultlessly at all times. It’s possible that they won’t live up to your standards at all times.

Important Features To Look For In Social Media Content Generators

Employ Machine Learning to Come Up With Post Captions for better-generated content.

The use of artificial intelligence writing software to construct the captions for social media posts is an excellent approach to save time while also gaining greater editorial control over the published material. This ensures that the generated content performs well and that it turns out better than existing content.

This piece of software allows us to save time when posting to social media by allowing us to create writing templates of high quality content that includes the most appropriate description for every given picture.

Basically, this is the one stop solution for creating better content ideas that is in sync with seo tools and that too in less time.

What to do additionally? 

Additionally, we may utilize it to build a more complex, long-form post caption that is more customized and distinctive, or even one that tells a narrative.

A significant number of influential people on social media write captions for their posts with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

The captions that are produced by artificial intelligence have the potential to be humorous, surprising, or even contentious.

Because of this, influences are able to extend their sphere of influence and keep up with the latest trends on social media, without having to devote as much of their day to the task as they would if they did it manually.

The usage of these technologies enables social media managers to expand and scale their businesses at a pace that is far faster than would be possible by hand or by adding additional staff members.

Produce Images and Graphics Mechanically

Another significant issue of the currently available content generators for social media is that they have difficulty producing visuals.

The majority of them just provide templates that need to be edited manually, which is impractical if you want to submit hundreds of photographs every single day. In situations like these, tools like Ocoya may be quite helpful.

It is a very new and cutting-edge AI technology that can automatically generate social media visuals that appear like they were designed by professionals.

You can even keep your brand identity in the program, and then use it to check that all of the pictures that are created by the AI are consistent with your brand.

Social media hashtag generator

The use of hashtags has skyrocketed in popularity among those who use the internet. Everyone wants to interact with other people via the issues that are currently popular.

Because of this, it will become more difficult to locate hashtags that are relevant over time.

Because there are so many options, it might be difficult to choose which tags are appropriate for your content.

You might try employing a social media content generator that makes hashtag suggestions based on keywords in order to find a solution to this problem.

You may search for up to ten different phrases at once using some services, which makes it easier to discover the appropriate tag.

Best Social Media Content Generators

It’s recent, it’s trending, and it’s brand-spanking new.

There’s no getting around the fact that AI content generators that make use of GPT-3 are all the rage right now, and a lot of these older businesses are lacking this vital component.

Brands and organizations have a fantastic opportunity to communicate directly with their target demographic by using social media.

Nevertheless, producing captivating content that maintains user engagement for a sufficient amount of time for them to click on your links or follow your page is not always a simple task.

The use of artificial intelligence is necessary at this point. AI-driven systems enable you to produce unique, interesting content in a matter of minutes without having to write so much as a single word yourself by using the power of machine learning and natural language processing skills.

This article provides a list of the top six social media content producers that are fueled by artificial intelligence technologies.

Please continue reading as we will be guiding you through these nifty tools.


A brand-new social media post generator with some impressive capabilities, Predis.ai was just released.

Following our most recent examination, it quickly rose to the top of this list.

You may build up your brand kit using Predis.ai, including your typefaces, colours, and social handles, and the computer will perform the rest of the work for you. This is one of the application’s most notable features.

You only need to tell the AI what sort of post you want to make, and it will compile the picture, description, and hashtags for you automatically.

You will then have the option to either modify the post or schedule it to be published from inside the app itself.

The use of Predis.ai is the method that is the fastest and most efficient when it comes to creating bulk articles and setting them to be published.

2. Ocoya AI

Ocoya AI gives you the ability to swiftly generate creative photographs of a high quality utilizing AI.

Because Canva is already integrated, all you have to do is choose a template, make any necessary adjustments to the image’s text and components, and then click the publish button.

People looking for certain keywords will be able to locate your content if the platform is configured to add appropriate hashtags and tags automatically.

You also have the option to modify the caption that is automatically created.

And after you are satisfied with everything, you can immediately share your masterpiece on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and so on, or you can embed it in any other website.

In the whole, it’s arguably the tool on our list of social media content generators that offers the most comprehensive set of features and delivers the best results.

In addition, you may evaluate Ocoya AI’s capabilities without spending any money by using the demo version of the software.

3. AI named Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Software for creating social media posts powered by Jasper AI

The Jasper social media content creation programme makes use of artificial intelligence to produce high-quality pieces that can be shared on various social media platforms.

It is available for use by individuals, businesses, and agencies to create posts for all different kinds of social networking platforms.

The team of content producers responsible for the development of the Jasper AI writing program has many years of expertise in the business.

The purpose of the program is to facilitate the production of material for social media in a manner that is both more effective and less time demanding.

Jasper was developed to work with a wide variety of organizations and sectors, including digital marketing firms, brands, influences, and bloggers, among other forms of online content creators.

Because of this, users are able to rapidly write posts of a high quality that are adapted to their own requirements without having to put in any further effort themselves.

It could seem frightening at first, but once you’ve spent some time getting used to the app’s design, reading the instructions and tutorials, and practicing composing recipes, you’ll find that it’s really very simple to use.

Although the fee may seem to be exorbitant at first glance, it may be justified when considering the excellent quality of the output and the potential for long-form AI writing.

4. Rytr AI

Utilizing AI to write posts and captions on social media platforms

Text material may be generated automatically by social media managers with the help of Rytr AI.

It generates captions and posts ideas depending on the post subject idea that you submit into the system.

Users are able to search for any subject or hashtag, and Rytr AI will present them with a list of captions and suggestions for posts that are related to the search.

After that, they are able to make any necessary adjustments to the captions or posts before publishing them on their respective social media platforms.

It is ideal for rookie content makers who want to get started with social media management but do not want to spend a lot of time learning how to use yet another new piece of software since the user interface is quite straightforward and easy to use.

Even though Rytr does not include an image production component, it is still quite inexpensive and may be used in conjunction with other applications.

5. Lately.AI

Dashboard for publishing on AI social media as of late

It is important to point out that although the selection on Lately.AI may appear to be restricted in comparison to that of other services, the platform does, in fact, deliver better results than, for example, Jasper AI.

This is because of its sophisticated neural network architecture and its capacity to generate audio and video.

You will need to use other software in conjunction with this one since Lately.AI only permits posting to social media via Hootsuite or HubSpot.

Therefore, bear this in mind as you will need to utilize other software.

Additionally, you have the ability to instantly convert your already-existing films into bite-sized, shareable social media postings.

Lately is the best choice available to you if, in general, you place an emphasis on straightforwardness above everything else.

There are several various plan levels available to select from, with the most basic plan being referred to as “Expertly,” which just supports the export of CSV files.

Having said that, it is strongly suggested that you choose the ‘Litely’ plan at the very least in order to enable post posting inside the application, get AI-recommended keywords, and have 500 posts each month.

6. HelloWoofy

Another image and text generator for social media, HelloWoofy integrates both Canva and Crello into its platform. This generator is called HelloWoofy.

There is a wide variety of service levels available at a range of prices to cater to the requirements of social media managers working for organizations of all sizes.

While you are swiftly putting up visuals in Canva and Crello and scheduling out a large number of posts in advance on your calendar, automatic text, captions, and hashtags will be created for you.

To be or Not to be

As was just discussed, AI systems examine vast volumes of data and identify trends in order to determine what consumers want.

At the moment, every one of these AI social media content generators use some kind of machine learning methodology in order to produce unique postings.

In most cases, they depend on the material that has been scraped from publicly accessible websites, discussion groups, blogs, and other online sources.

However, we are in a position to assert that the majority of tools geared at GPT-3 will produce writing that is original, free of plagiarism, and suitable for any use.

The use of automated and AI-generated visuals is not yet where it needs to be, and it does need more input from humans than other text-based capabilities.

Be aware, though, that you shouldn’t anticipate outcomes that will blow your mind right away, particularly when you are still learning how to utilize the tools.

Instead, you should devote part of your time to getting familiar with the program so that you may progressively increase your abilities and ability to direct the AI to do the actions you want.

Move on to the next one and give it a good try if the first one doesn’t work out for you so that you can determine which one, if any, can satisfy your requirements.

If you can locate one that does, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by having a robot perform the laborious work for you instead.

Keep in mind that automation is only beneficial if it operates without any problems.

As a result, it is essential to do comprehensive testing on the generator of your choice before making it available to the general public.

If you want to prevent embarrassing mistakes, you should try trying it on a personal account first.

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